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Good morning! 


We have a new class email that you can use to send in any work or questions that you have about your learning. The address is:


So now you have another option to use as well as the blog to contact Mrs Bromley and me.


There are a few videos for you to watch this morning. The first one is from Iona who sent her video to the email. She wanted to share with you a Science experiment that she has done at home. In the videos that follow Iona's, I will be telling you about your learning today, Mrs Bromley will show you how you can make your own mini wildlife pond at home and I've posted a link for today's Footloose Friday song. Phew!


Have a great day and keep in touch.


Mrs R x

Iona's Science experiment

Good morning! 05.06.20

Mini outdoor pond

It's feelgood, footloose Friday! Here's a song to help you get your groove on this morning!

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle