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Miss Yeomans' message 05.6.2020

Hi Year 1. On the video today I will be telling you about the daily tasks and about a few special things happening.


Today in maths I would like you to order numbers. Remember when we order numbers we are comparing the tens first and only if the tens are the same do we compare the ones.


e.g.             15     23     3    16


I want to order these numbers so firstly I look for the smallest number. The smallest number is 3 because it has no tens. 




I then want to find my next smallest number. I compare the tens and both 16 and 15 have one ten. So I now need to compare the ones. 15 has 5 ones and 16 has 6 ones so 15 is smaller than 16.


3         15        16



Then I am only left with one number which is 23. This is the biggest number as it has the most tens so it is last in the order.


3        15        16        23

                                                               smallest                        biggest



I know lots of you miss our story time that we used to have in school but as a special treat Mr Day has recorded a story for you with Norman. Follow the link below to listen to the story:


If you follow this link the session will be uploaded and you can choose the sound and the spelling session you need. There should be a new video released today at the normal time of 10.30. Follow the link below: 


There is going to be a video uploaded one sound per day (which is a recap of sounds taught) and this video will be available for 24 hours. Please bear with me as I also try to navigate this new way of the sound videos being uploaded. 


Storytime- every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm


Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home


Phonics children's TV programme:



Phonics play alternative:

Topmarks phonics games


Reading buddy alternative:

Oxford Owl reading books


Today I want you to not print anything. I want you be creative and design your own thank you letter. You can use the template for ideas though. You will also be thinking about the kind things done for Emily by Arthur which you will then write about in your thank you letter.


For this main activity you will need:

- 6 numbered pieces of paper

-a dice


For today's PE challenge you are going to be creating a dance.


Firstly spread the numbered pieces of paper around you in a circle. Then roll the dice, whichever number it lands on is the number you need to tap with your foot. You then roll the dice again and tap the first number you rolled with your foot and then the new number you rolled. Then you roll the dice again and you tap the first number you rolled, the second number you rolled and now the third number you just rolled. You keep going until you can no longer remember which number comes next in the sequence. How long can your sequence get with you remembering every number? You can create as many sequences as you like. You could even challenge your brother, sister mum or dad.