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Good morning everyone!


Continuing with our Science themed week, today you will be reading about the Wright brothers who pioneered aircraft design. This task then links to your Science activities based on planes. Watch the video below, read the text on the Wright brothers and then answer the questions. Answers are also available afterwards. 

The Wright Brothers


  • Complete your Starter Mat


Seaside Refreshment

We are carrying on with capacity and volume today. After completing a few Busy Ant Challenges to practise calculating using units of capacity and volume, you will then go onto create a seaside drink. All those wonderful descriptions of Mary Anning at the beach has made me long for sand between my toes with a fruity juice cocktail in my hand! Ultimately, I'd love for you to create and actually make your drink using a measuring jug. Then, not only do you have some fun, but you get a lovely drink at the end! yes

Open the Maths document to find out more. 

Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: Science

Linking to your English, your Science based activities for today will require you to work scientifically and conduct a test. Once again, forces play a large part in these activities; mainly gravity and air resistance. Watch the video below about these forces and then open the Science documents which outline exactly what to do. If you haven't got a printer, do your best to create your planes from paper/card/cardboard that you have at home. 


Gravity and air resistance | Physics - Bitesize Science