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Happy FriYAY


It's your final installment of Sinbad's Fifth Voyage today. The work posted to me has been PHENOMENAL - keep it up! Excellent summarising and drawings, and I'm very impressed by your knowledge of different aspects of grammar.

Today you will be reading some alternative versions of Sinbad and make comparisons.


  • Read the texts aloud. It's good practise and it also helps bring the story to life. 
  • If you don't know what a word or phrase means, ask someone or google it before you move on. 
  • Discuss the texts with someone before tackling written activities so your ideas are strong before you put pen to paper. 

Bon voyage!



Maths: Reasoning and Problem Solving 

  • Complete today's Starter Mat. 


Today I am setting you some problems which will require you to apply your reflection skills and knowledge. Some of the questions will require you to reflect a shape and write the coordinates for each vertex (corner), so to recap coordinates I want you to play the games linked below (NOTE: Flash needed). Remember: 'Along the corridor and up the stairs' - x axis first, then y axis.


Open each problem and have a go. Remember to use a ruler and a pencil, count carefully, plot first and join last. If you're unsure if you've reflected correctly, check using a mirror. 




Relationships - Our Special People

The relationships you have with others have a great impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing. Today, you are going to explore these relationships more and dig a little deeper into who is special in your life. 

  • Open and read through the powerpoint. Carry out the activities when it says to. The 3 resources are linked at the bottom of the page. 
  • Extra: I have also linked '7 wellbeing activities for 7 days' for you to access and carry out in your own time. Take a look cool