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Continue to practise 'Dinosaur Stomp' and the other movement sessions you chose earlier in the week. It is important to be having fun whilst you exercise and following your own interests will help with this. Practising the same workout will help you develop fluency in all of the different movements. Have fun!

Now we will practice our letter formation, use different writing resources across the week to ensure children don't become bored but maintain their interest and enthusiasm. Today focus on the letters v, x, w, z. Remember to form each letter accurately. Refer to the handwriting ditty sheet to help you. 


Watch the online phonics session with Rosie, this will be played at 9:30 then available for 24 hours. Find the lessons on You Tube: Read Write Inc: New: Set 2 Speed Sound with Rosie "or", followed by New: Set 2 Spelling with Rosie "or" and to finish either Red words 1 with Rosie or Red words 2 with Rosie.


Reading Challenge: Now ask your child to apply the sound of the day into reading a sentence; I need a torch to see in the dark.

Writing Challenge: Now ask your child to write the sentence, The trees shook in the storm. 

Encourage your child to start the sentence with a capital letter, after they sound out and record each word remind them to leave a finger space before starting to write the next word. Finally remind them to finish the sentence with a full stop. 


Remember to practise your reading at least three times a week by either reading your book in your book bag or logging onto Reading Buddy. Develop your fluency by re-reading the same text a number of times. Practise makes perfect! 

Also remember to practise the words in your high frequency word wallet so you don't forget them. The words you are able to recognise in your wallet should now be read accurately when you are reading a text. This week please practise the following words; their, were, do, I, they, the, old, was. Can you now read these words at speed? 


Look at and discuss the following coins, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1.00 and £2.00 coins. Discuss the shape, colour, patterns and symbols on each side. Sort a selection of coins by value, naming the coins as you are sorting them. Place the coins in value the smallest at one end; 1p and the biggest amount at the other end of the line; £2.00.

Create a shop and label the items with different amounts,  2p, 5p, 8p, 10p, 20p. For each item you buy, find two or more different ways of paying for it.  Repeat with different starting amounts. 


Listen to the story Worrysaurus. What can we do when we are worried? How can we help ourselves? Who can you talk to about your worries? Draw and label who can help you if you are worried.

Worrysaurus had happy things in his tin, to help him with his worries. Think of some objects that are special to you. What makes them special? They may remind you of a special time or a special person. Draw your special objects and label them. 


This afternoon you are going to make a Diplodocus, this dinosaur only ate vegetables so was a herbivore. Despite being large the dinosaur would be safe, warm and friendly if you were to meet it today. Draw around the hand of a special adult who helps you when you feel worried and decorate it. Add a long neck and head with eyes and a mouth. When ever you feel a little worried and need to hold a hand, place your hand on the dinosaur body (hand)  to make you feel better and let your worries float away.

Dinosaur hand