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It is time for more of an extended piece of writing and guess what... YOU are the main subject! 


I want you to write an autobiography. To find out the difference between a biography and an autobiography, and the details of your task, open the powerpoint in the resources section. laugh Only include the most significant events or 'turning points' of your life so far. You may want to jot down a timeline first in order to plan what you want to include. I have linked an ideas/planning sheet to get you going if you want it. 


I very much look forward to reading your work. Please email your autobiography rather than posting on the blog to keep personal details private. 




  • Complete today's Starter Mat. (Note: Ignore question 1). 


Once again, today is still about finding percentages of amounts but in a different context. Rather than working out sale prices, today you will be solving problems involving weather and how many days there are in a month. 

  • Open the Powerpoint first to gain a better understanding of the types of questions you'll be asked
  • Open the document for the questions afterwards

Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject:

Now it is time for you to choose a famous person who has had a significant impact on the world or people's lives in some way. This person can be dead or alive. It does not matter which area of expertise they they are known for, e.g. music, science, sport, charity work, etc, but they must have had a significant impact on the world we live in. 


Your research can be presented however you wish. It could be done using Powerpoint, handwritten or verbally presented and sent in as a video via our email: You may want to include a timeline showing important dates and events and some images. 


I look forward to seeing who you will choose and learning more about their achievements.

Please share on the blog!

Here are a few suggested sites to get you going: