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Welcome to our last day of home learning and it's Fantastic FriYAY! We cannot wait to see you all back in school on Monday, we have missed you so much.

The aim of Friyay is to spend less time on screens. To help you to do this, we have created a pick 'n' mix menu of activities for you to choose from, you can do as many as you like. You can also find this menu of activities in your pack. Our Year 2 theme for FriYAY today is 'significance'. 

Below, you will find Mrs Crisp's assembly and Mr T's Storytime. Both of these will have an activity that you might want to complete.


Story time with Mr T - Grandad's Secret Giant

Pick 'n' Mix Friyay!


Family Tree

Look through family photos and create a family tree of the people in your close family. Add further photos/drawings of other family members, pets and family friends. Why are these people special to you and what  activities do you do together?


Special Places

Find out about a special place ( building, bridge, monument, artwork) near where you live or further field in the UK.

Look carefully at pictures of the place, then make a model of it using construction bricks, craft supplies or recycled materials.


Shape Maker

Look at the work of the abstract artist Piet Mondrian, using Tate Kids website. What colours, lines and shapes did he use to create his paintings? Create a Mondrian inspired artwork as a collage using paper or recycled materials, or as a painting or drawing using black lines and primary colours. 

You can find a link to the Tate Kids website below.


My Treasures

Choose 5 objects in your home that are precious to you. Draw them and write down why they are special. Where do the objects come from? Are they natural or man-made? Will they last for a long time? How do you look after them? Are they special to other people in your household?


Local Heroes

Find out about a local or national hero. Design a special badge and certificate to say thank you to this hero.


Bright Idea

Find out about the invention of the lightbulb by Thomas Edison. Draw a picture of his design. Write and talk about what you have discovered. See how many lighbulbs you can find in your house.



Follow the yoga video below.

Rainforest Yoga | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!