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Today's learning is going to be based around the story Lights on Cotton Rock. There will be a choice of activities to complete that relate to the story.


Watch the link below to hear the story.

Lights on Cotton Rock

                                          Today's Activities
Pick the activities that you would like to do from the list below.


In the story you see Heather as a young girl and then see her get older and older as she visits Cotton rock each day waiting to meet her alien friend again. We get to see important events in Heather's life.

Can you sequence some important events in your life from when you were born until now? You will find this sheet in your home learning pack.


I hope you enjoyed the story. I know I did. Follow the PowerPoint below to find out about the English activity.


As we know the aliens visited heather because she was flashing her torch light into the night sky. You can see in the story the torch is lighting up Heather's face when she turns it on. Torches are great for seeing things in the dark but they are also great for making shadows.


Using a torch can you make some of the following shadows ( you may need an adult or sibling to hold the torch for a few of the animals):


As we know Heather is visited by an alien in a spaceship. Using recycled materials from around your house, can you create a spaceship using as many different materials as you can?


Use the map grid below to map out the Cotton Rock and other landmarks around Cotton rock. 

Story-time with Mr T - The Squirrels who Squabbled