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Easter Egg Patterns


Draw an Easter egg and use two or three objects/colours/patterns/shapes etc to start off a pattern and see if your child can continue it. You can make the pattern with anything you have around the house or simply with colours. If they can't draw or colour to continue, simply ask them to tell you the pattern!

Egg Matching


Here are some eggs to either print off and cut out to play a matching game or if you can't print them, you can draw them on paper and cut them out. You can even draw them and ask your child to point to the ones that match!

Name Jumble


A fun Easter themed idea would be to write your child's name on an egg shape along with other words on eggs which start with the same letter and see if they can find their own name when you muddle them up. 


Letter Jumble


You could write each letter from their name on an egg and see if they can put them in the correct order to spell their name. You could even add some other letters in there and see if they discard them! (Remember to use an upper case letter for the start and lower case for all the rest!)