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Get Set Tokyo

Wk 1 update 

1st place Austcliffe 17,757km 

2nd place Bridge 17,308km

3rd place Castle 10,527km

4th place Lea 8356km

Well done to Austcliffe - our Week 1 winners.  Who will be first to Tokyo?  Keep logging your activity (see below)

Cookley Sebright have joined the Get Set Travel to Tokyo challenge covering 2020 to 2021. As part of this challenge you will be logging all your active minutes for your house team (parents included). Even the staff have been assigned a team so they can take part too!

Go to

Scroll down to 'Log Activity'

Type in:

DY10 3TA

Select your house.

Blue- Bridge  Green-Castle

Yellow-Austcliffe   Red- Lea


Select your activity type and how long you did it for.  Then you can tag other family members that took part too (unless they have already logged it themselves!)


Who will reach Tokyo first?