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Guided Reading

For your session today I would like you to look at the Alton Towers map. You have a copy of this in your pack and it is also below. Study the map and have a read through the 'All You Need to Know' section. When you have done that, answer the questions below. 


  1. How many subheadings have been used to group the areas?
  2. Which area do you think you would like to spend time in, which rides seem most fun? 
  3. When is the theme park open?
  4. How far from Birmingham is Alton Towers? 
  5. What word has been used to describe the entertainment? (You will find this in the 'Make the most of your day' section.
  6. Imagine that you have been to the theme park, some of you may have been before. Write a recommendation. Remember, your review is going to be used by Alton Towers to persuade visitors to go. Use persuasive language and include the positives. smiley


I look forward to seeing your work later.