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Half Term Challenge


Half Term Challenge


During the final week of last half term, we read a story that mentioned telling jokes. Some of the children knew some jokes already and we had a great time sharing some of our favourite ones. Understanding humour is actually really important as it requires children to have a complex understanding of language, as well as bringing joy! Over the half term holiday, my challenge to you is to share, tell, find out and learn some jokes together as a family to get everyone laughing! You can post your favourites on the thread I have created on Tapestry or upload your child telling their joke as a separate video. We will share them in class on the first day back and start the new half term as we mean to go on... laughing!


One of the children told a joke during the session that had the grown-ups in stitches, so here it is to start you off:


Where do poorly bees go?... to the WASPital!




Thank you for all your hard work this half term Reception, and for all your help and support grown-ups. We have had a blast so far and the adults in class cannot wait for another fabulous half term to come!


See you soon,
From the Early Years Team! smiley