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Over the next two weeks we will be very busy making Christmas cards, doing Christmassy crafts, learning festive songs and getting into the Christmas spirit! This is all such an important part of learning about the festival of Christmas and also allows us to work really hard on helping the children to celebrate Christmas together in a way they may be unable to do at home this year due to COVID restrictions. Because of all of this busyness, there is slightly less on the class and home learning pages for these two weeks and no expectation that you complete Home Learning tasks but there are ideas below if you would like to engage with them. We would also love to see anything else Christmassy that you get up to over the next few weeks on Tapestry. Let's all share the Christmas spirit together!



Below are some Christmas and festive-themed activities that you may like to have a go at:

  • Watch or read the Nativity story together (possible clip below). Talk about why this story is so important to Christian people and how they remember it at Christmas time.
  • Explore the PowerPoint below about how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas. Choose one of the countries from the list and do some more research together about that place. What do they do at Christmas? What do they eat? Are there any traditional gifts that they give each other?
  • Practise your writing skills by writing Christmas cards, writing your Christmas list, making a jobs list to prepare for Christmas day, writing a recipe for a Christmassy treat or writing a letter to somebody who you cannot see this Christmas or somebody who may feel sad or lonely this year.
  • Learn some Christmas songs together e.g. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Away in a Manger, Oh Christmas Tree etc. You could record them and post them on Tapestry. 
  • Below are lots of examples of Christmas crafts you could do together.


The Nativity

Christmas Around the World:

Christmas Crafts:



During the final two weeks, we will be focusing on writing the sounds v w x y z and q, and on using them to spell words and write longer phrases which include finger spaces.

Below is a Phonics Home Learning challenge sheet for you to compete together:

Writing Christmas cards, lists and letters are a great way to allow your child to embed their phonetic learning and use all of the sounds they have learnt this term!




During the last fortnight, we will be focusing on adding amounts with a total up to 5, with the focus objectives:

• Finds the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them.

• In practical activities and discussion, beginning to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.   

• Records, using marks that they can interpret and explain.

• Using quantities and objects, they add two single-digit numbers and count on to find the answer.


We will be using whole-part models to help us understand how the numbers in additional calculations interact with one another. These models are composed of three circles which show the whole number and the parts it is split into. See below:

Some games you could play at home to teach and practise addition to 5:

  • Put the number cards 0-10 in order to make a number line and encourage your child to move a toy forwards along the line saying each number. Write an addition calculation for your child e.g. 1 + 4 and show them how to put the toy on number 1 and take 4 steps forward with the answer being 5.
  • Break up the cubes from your maths pack and build two towers. Give them to your child and ask them to count the number of blocks in each tower and then ask "how many are there in total?" encouraging them to count the number of blocks in both towers and tell you the total.
  • Put the number cards 0-3 in a bag and encourage your child to put their hand in and pick two numbers, using their cubes to add the two values together and find the total.
  • Practise writing the calculations for the Maths you do together. We call these number sentences, e.g.

        3 + 1 = 4 

        We would read this as "three add one equals four."


Please let us know what you get up to on Tapestry. 

We love to see!


From all of us, to all of you...