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Week Two: I Like Myself


Below are a wide range of Home Learning opportunities you might like to chose from this week, in addition to reading with your child and having a go at the Phonics challenge sheet placed in your child's reading folder. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THEM ALL, just pick the ones that best suit your child's needs. Let us know how you get on by emailing the class Home Learning email address


Word of the Week:

Our Word of the Week this week is 'after.'  Here is its symbol:



Talk about your bed time routine: What do we do after brushing our teeth? What happens after bath time? etc. 

Read a story together and then talk about what happened in the story at the end, using the word after. E.g. what happened after the mouse met the owl? After the mouse met the all of the animals, he met a Gruffalo!


Finger Gym:

A classic finger gym activity! Threading pasta! This is such a good activity for finger control, hand-eye co-ordination, patience and concentration. You can add extra challenges by trying different types of pasta (macaroni is a real challenge!) or choosing a thicker string/material to thread onto e.g. pipe cleaners. 



Time to Talk:

This week we have focused on the word 'unique.' Talk with your child about what makes them 'unique.' What are they good at? What do they look like? What makes them such a good friend to have? Encourage them to talk in full sentences e.g. I am good at singing. I am a good friend because I am good at sharing.



This week we will be focusing on rhyme and talking about how rhyming words 'end with the same sound.' Being able to rhyme is such an important skill on which to build the ability to read. Here are a few ideas you could try to practise rhyming:

  • Have a go at playing 'I Spy with my little eye, something that rhymes with...' using items around your house.
  • You could also go on a rhyming hunt. How many things can you find that rhyme with cat?
  • You could also read some rhyming stories or sing nursery rhymes together and focus on the rhyming words. See if your child can finish the rhyming sentences/lines for you.
  • You could play this rhyming game. Each strip has a set of rhyming words, with an 'odd one out' which does not rhyme. Can you find the odd one out each time?



This week we will be focusing on matching and sorting. Here are a range of ideas you could choose from to practise these skills:

  • Pair up the socks in the washing
  • Sort buttons/beads/M&Ms/Smarties by colour, shape, size etc
  • Sort coins by their colour or value
  • Play snap and look for matching pairs
  • Explore a deck of cards. How could you sort them? Shapes/people, by colour, by suit, by amount?
  • Go on a nature hunt and sort what you find. You might find different coloured/shaped leaves, conkers, feathers etc. 



Physical Challenge:

Have a go at these balancing challenges. Having a strong core and being able to balance is so important. It even helps you sit up straight up on the carpet or to sit at a table. 


Creative Challenge:

A self-portrait means you create a piece of artwork of yourself. To do this, you will need to look really closely at yourself in a mirror. Here are some different ways you might like to make your self-portrait:

  • Drawing and colouring
  • Painting
  • Collage
  • Natural materials e.g. leaves, sticks and conkers
  • Different shaped pasta
  • Dough



Let us know how you get on and share your successes with us via the class home learning email address: