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This week we will be formally beginning our 'Bears' topic in Reception class. We are going to kick things off by focusing on the 'Mr Panda' book series by Steve Antony. These books focus on using good manners, being patient and being a good friend, and are a great way to talk about how we are settling in to school and being kind and respectful to each other. There are videos of all of the stories being read on YouTube if you would like to hear them for yourself (thought most are American accent readers!).


Home Learning: Talk to your child about what it means to have good manners and why it helps us to make friends. Focus on using and praising good manners at home this week and discuss how you and your child feel when you use or hear good manners such as 'please,' 'thank you,' 'excuse me' and 'I am sorry.'


In Phonics we have been focusing on developing our listening skills and on learning to say, read and blend using the sounds 's' 'a' and 't.' You can listen to the correct pronunciation of these sounds here:

Home Learning: Here are some Phonics activities you can do with your child this week. There is no need to print it off. You can do all of these activities by reading them from the screen or using some plain paper. 

In Maths, we will be focusing on our counting and comparing skills, grouping and comparing different amounts of toy bears. We will be discussing the rules for good counting - line them up, touch one item as you say each number and remember that the last number you say is how many there are. We will be comparing amounts using the language 'more' and 'fewer.'


Home Learning: Practise this skill at home, counting out a group of toys and practising the good counting rules. You could also split the toys in two groups and discuss which group has 'more' and which has 'fewer.'

Please let us know which activities you choose and how you get on by posting on Tapestry this week.