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Have Your Own Rainbow Party Challenge!

Its Party Time!

Well, the time has come to celebrate the end of the school year and look forward to the new adventures that lie ahead over the Summer and in September. We are really sad that we cannot have a party together in class to celebrate because of all of those germs so we are setting you the challenge of having your own!


This week’s Home Learning challenge is to plan and have your own Rainbow Party at home. Your party does not need to be a big event, just a special lunch/dinner together to celebrate all the things your child has achieved this year. You could listen to some music, have a little dance and talk about all the things you have achieved this year in Nursery. You can go as big or little as you wish. If your child is able to help choose what to eat, draw some pictures to decorate the table and have some music on whilst you sit together, it will feel very special!


Talk to your child about why rainbows have been the symbol of the Corona Virus response this year. They are likely to have seen rainbows on people’s windows; on posters; on t-shirts and on the television. This has been a hard time for everybody but there is always light after the rain and that is when rainbows appear. Your party is a chance to celebrate the things you have achieved this year and how proud all of the grown-ups are of you, and to think ahead to next year and all the things you will be able to achieve when we come back to school.


You could bring in some writing by making invitations for the people in your house or writing lists of things to buy. You could use your maths skills to go and buy some food for your party and develop your creative skills by making decorations. 


Make sure you upload some photos of your party to Tapestry so that the Early Years grown-ups can see and celebrate with you (no other parents can see what you post). We are all so proud of you and cannot wait to see you all again in September. We hope you have a really lovely Summer Holiday full of fun, rest and family.


Below are a range of activities you might like to have a go at to help you set up or

celebrate your party.