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Homework due Wednesday 31st March 2021

NOTE: Many children have not completed tasks set for previous weeks. It is important that homework is completed weekly as a means to support the learning process at school by embedding skills taught and practised in class. It is the children's responsibility to complete their homework, but they may need some encouragement to get into a routine. 

 Homework is set on Fridays and given in the following Wednesday.


Maths: Login to Mathletics and complete the quests set based on multiplication and division. Have a pencil and paper ready because you will need to do some working out.

NOTE: 'Quotient' means the answer when you've divided a number by another - the answer basically!


English: Log in to Oxford Reading Buddy and search for the book below based on volcanoes:



Read the book, making sure you click on the prompts and question buttons as you go. Complete the quiz at the end of the book, also. 


If you find this book difficult to read, read with a parent or other family member and take turns. It's important that you enjoy the book! Happy reading! laugh