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Hello Year 2!


Well done for finding your homework for this week. Here you will find a list of spellings based on the sounds and tricky words that we have looked at in phonics this week, a link to Mathletics to complete this week's challenges, a link to Phonics Play and a fun activity. If you would like me to see any homework that you have done then please take a photograph of it and send it the class email.


I look forward to seeing what you have been up to.


Mrs Rees x


Phonics Play - recap Phase 3

Username: march20

password: home



Talk to a grown up all about your special qualities - are you good at being kind? Are you a good friend to others? Do you try to brighten someone else's day? Draw around your hand and write one of your special qualities on each of the fingers and the thumb. On the palm of your hand, draw a picture of amazing you. Photograph your hand and send it to the email. I'll be able to print out your photograph and display it in the classroom.