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Hello Year 2!


Welcome to your homework for this week. Thank you for sending pictures of the patterns that you made, it was lovely to see such creative ideas.


Below is your list of spellings based on the sounds and tricky words that we have looked at in phonics this week. *Spelling check on Thursday*. I have also popped a link on for some Phase 5 phonics activities. Choose and complete one of the activities on the powerpoint.


I have set one activity on Mathletics this week. Could you also log on to Numbots and continue exploring the games on there (this will help you with your recall of number bonds to 10 and 20).


In art this week, we explored the textures of different objects. We recorded the textures by taking rubbings - laying paper over the top of the textured object and rubbing a crayon over the top. Make some rubbings of some interesting textures that you can find at home. Try making a rubbing over the top of another rubbing using two different colours.


If you would like me to see any homework that you have done then please take a photograph of it and send it the class email.


I look forward to seeing what you have been up to.


Mrs Rees x