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Now and then I will give you a picture for you to write about, like the one below, with suggested 'lenses'.

(Parents - 'lenses' are part of our everyday sentence stacking lessons that we use in class. The children are familiar with them). 


For these tasks, I want you to choose 3 lenses and write 3 sentences only. One sentence = one main lense. You may include other lenses within your sentence, but there must be 3 main lenses. Please refrain from writing more than 3 sentences because there won't be time to read everyone's!


Please write somewhere on your work which 3 lenses you have chosen and it should be clear to me which sentence reflects which lense. It's up to you what you write. Be creative, descriptive and have fun!


Login to Mathletics and complete the tasks based on topics covered in class.