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This week we will be beginning our new topic 'Rumble in the Jungle!' We are really excited to get our teeth into this new topic and find out more about the world around us. The Home Learning challenges below will help your child to embed the learning we have done in school this week and is a really important part of their learning journey. Please let us know how you get on with these tasks on Tapestry. 


Home Reading Challenge


Phonics Home Learning

Maths Home Learning

This week we will be revising the teen numbers as some of the children are lacking confidence in this area of Maths. We will work towards the objectives. We talk about the numbers 11-20 as "ten and x more" so 14 would be "ten and four more."


Here are some activities you could do to support this skill:

  • Use the 10 cubes you have at home and find 10 of something different. Explore the numbers 11-20 using these two resources and explain how teen numbers mean "ten and some more" e.g. 11 is "ten and one more" (the cubes plus one of your other items), 12 is "ten and two more" etc.
  • Watch this Number blocks video about 20:
  • Try making different numbers between 11 and 20 using your fingers. Why can't you do it on your own? Work as a team with 4 hands. Could you do it using your hands and your feet?

  • Find your 11-20 number cards and lay them face down. Take turns to turn one over, say the number and it what it means (e.g. ten and four more) and then make it together on your fingers. When you have done all the numbers practise making them into a number line in the correct order. Mix them up and see if you can do it quicker each time. You could even time yourself.


Greater Depth Extension Game - Race to and from 20

If your child is really confident with the numbers 0-20, you could try playing these games together.

  • Race to 20. Two players have a piece of paper each and write the number 0. Take turns to roll the dice and add on that many to their current total, writing the new number. The first to twenty wins.
  • Race from 20. Repeat the game but write 20 first and take this amount off when rolling the dice. The winner is the first to get to 0. 


Topic Home Learning

Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry. We love to see!