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This week's learning will be based on the book Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. This book about unlikely friends introduces us to the the jungle at night and allows us to find out about nocturnal and diurnal jungle animals.



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Maths Home Learning

This week we will be focusing on revising our addition skills and moving on to beginning to talk about subtraction. We will use the language 'subtract' and 'take away' as children should be able to understand and recognise both terms. We will talk about subtraction being "when you take something away and find the new total" and will be mainly doing this practically, with items and resources at this point, before we move onto recording this as written calculations in the following weeks.


Here are some activities you could do at home to help support this skill:

  • Play a game of skittles – you could use empty plastic bottles or cardboard tubes as the skittles. How many skittles do you have? Roll a ball at the skittles. How many fall over? How many are left standing?
  • Use 6 toy cars to play a subtraction game. Move the toys into a line on the carpet road. Then, put 1 of the toys into a cardboard box car park. How many cars are left on the road? Can you tell a grown-up about the number of cars there are? Can you use the words ‘away’ and ‘left’?
  • Play a subtraction game while you have a snack. Count out five pieces of fruit on to a plate. Then, eat one of the pieces of fruit. How many are left? If your grown-up eats one piece of fruit, how many would be left?


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Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry. We love to see!