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This week we will be exploring a range of texts all focusing on the theme of tigers. We will be comparing and contrasting these texts and using them as a springboard to find out about these majestic animals, where they live, what they eat, how they move and how humans can protect them from being endangered.


The texts we will be focusing on include non-fiction fact books about tigers, The Loudest Roar by Thomas Taylor, Midnight Tiger by Gillian Lobel, I Don't Want to Go to Bed by Julie Sykes and Little Tiger's Big Surprise by Julie Sykes.



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Maths Home Learning


In Maths we will be exploring the skill of doubling in practical contexts. We will be describing doubling as 'the same amount again' and will be doubling the spots on one half of a ladybird, the patterns on a butterfly's wing, the number of cubes in our towers, the number of fingers we hold up. We will be using the word 'double' and encouraging children to practise this skill in their play. Here are some activities you might like to do at home:



  • Use your cubes to make a tower up to 5 cubes high. Can your child make an identical tower to double the number of cubes?
  • Give each other a high 5 - how many fingers are being used between you? What about in a high 3 or a high 6? etc...
  • Collect 6 sticks on your walk. Can you child double it and collect 6 more?
  • Design your own butterflies with dots on their wings. Make sure they have the same amount of dots on each side and use this to discuss the idea of doubling. 
  • Make some cakes together but start with a recipe for a tiny amount - can you double each ingredient so that you can make double the amount of cakes?


Topic Home Learning

Pick your favourite jungle animal.

From all of the jungle animals we have learnt about this topic so far, pick your favourite and write a sentence about why you chose it. You could draw your animal too and send us a photograph of your sentence and picture on Tapestry. Can you include the word 'because'?


My favourite jungle animal is... because...


Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry. We love to see!