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For this final week of the topic, we will be focusing on the book 'Lottie's Letter' by Gordon Snell, supported by 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry and 'There's a Rang-tan in My Bedroom' by James Sellick. In the story of 'Lottie's Letter,' Lottie is saddened to find out about the ways in which human actions are endangering animals all over the world and so she decides to write a letter to the Queen of the World, to encourage humans to make better choices. This book allows us to take all of the things we have learnt about the majestic jungles and rainforests in our world and use this to help us understand how important it is for people to protect them. We will be finding out about deforestation, palm oil and human development on jungle land. We will be finding out how we can make choices in our own lives to protect jungles and the animals who live within them.



Home Reading Challenge



Phonics Home Learning

Maths Home Learning

This week we will be continuing our problem-solving learning, focusing on the skill of halving. We will use the wording "halving is splitting into two equal groups." We will be halving food, shapes, amounts and numbers, and solving problems using this important skill. Below are a range of sharing challenges that you might like to choose from to engage with at home:


  • Cut different foods in half that are different shapes e.g. cake, apple, banana, sandwich. 
  • Share out dinner food between two plates e.g. 6 sprouts between 2 people.
  • Set up a tea party for two people and share out the cups, saucers and food.
  • Give your child items e.g. four pencils and ask them to give you half back.
  • Show them two groups of items e.g. 4 pencils in one hand and 6 in the other. Is this half? Why? Why not?
  • Draw a ladybird and give your child different amounts of buttons. Can you put half on each wing?
  • Talk about when it is "half past" an hour. Look at the clock and talk about how the long hand is half of the way around. Challenge them to spot half past times during the day and let you know. 


Topic Home Learning

Get involved with recycling at your house. Find out what can go in your recycling bin and whether it needs cleaning first. Discuss other ways that you can protect the planet at home e.g. turning off dripping taps, turning off lights as you leave a room, insulation etc. Make an environmental pledge as a family. Ask your child to write down the pledge for everyone in your house to sign. Put it somewhere to remind you all of your promise and make sure you send us a photograph of the pledge you choose. E.g. we pledge to turn off lights as we leave a room. 


Here is a recycling game that you can play together which ask you to sort different items into the correct bins:


Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry. We love to see!