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Learning at Home

We are really missing you in school and hope you settling well into the home learning routine. It has been so lovely to see what some of you have been up to already on Tapestry, and we look forward to seeing what everybody is up to this week. Please remember that it is now compulsory that you submit evidence of your home learning via Tapestry or email, and staff will be calling families who do not submit anything to us for over a week. This is not to put any pressure on you at all. We just want to ensure we are supporting and enabling your children to learn and making sure our families are safe and well. You also do not need to provide everything you do at all, just a quick update on how you are all doing, that you are safe and well and that you are engaging with learning. This could be a couple of photos or a quick comment. Also, please remember, that whilst the government requests three hours of home learning per day, in Reception learning includes play opportunities such as jigsaws, lego, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, craft, riding your bike, going on a nature walk and so on. All of these activities are valuable learning opportunities which you do not need to provide evidence of. 


If you have not collected your Home Learning pack from the school office yet, please do this as soon as possible as you will need the resources included to be able to complete this week's learning.



This week's learning focuses on the story of Noah's Ark and the following activities MUST be completed, with evidence submitted across the course of this whole week:

  • Engage with the daily phonics, maths and other learning videos posted below (they can be watched at any time across the week)
  • Complete the Noah's Ark storm writing activity sheet and the dinosaur addition sheet in your Home Learning Packs (only the first activity from each of the stapled packs is compulsory). There is a video model of how to support this writing below.
  • Explore floating and sinking in a way that you choose, which fits into your daily routine. This could be setting up an experiment in a bowl of water, seeing what sinks and floats in the bath or when you do the washing up, or testing natural items in a puddle on your walk etc. Decide together how you might record your results (drawing, writing, filming, photograph etc) and upload them to Tapestry/email. 


You should also continue to read and complete the Weekly Phonics sheet, as you have been all term. 

The storm clip to support the writing task:

(you may want to make your storm even more realistic by sitting somewhere dark, making/playing musical instruments which sound like the storm or even using a spray bottle to get actually wet!)

Writing Model



The activities below are NOT COMPULSORY. They are activities that you COULD use to help you further enhance the story. They are the same activities that the children in school will be choosing from each day in their learning time. They will not complete them all. Some have been designed to need an adult support, whilst others can be done by your child on their own. We cannot wait to see what you choose but please do not place any pressure on yourselves during this already stressful time. These activities are here IF you need them. They are not an expectation. 

Literacy ideas:

  • Complete the optional writing tasks in this week's Literacy sheets from your Home Learning Pack
  • Get out a camera and go around the house, garden and local area taking photos of things which include the digraphs we have learnt so far: ch th sh ng ai. 
  • Cut out words in the newspaper which contain these sounds.
  • Make up your own animal story. You could perform it, draw a story map for it or write it down.


  • Listen to, sing and write the Phase Three Jolly Phonics sounds and tricky words (songs below)



  • Watch the addition-related Numberblocks episodes below and talk about what they show us about addition
  • Provide your child with some real life items to write an addition calculation for e.g. give them 2 apples and 4 bananas (2 + 4 = 6). Begin with things that they can touch and move and then add difficulty with things they cannot move e.g. add the curtains to the sofas.
  • Go on an adding walk as part of your daily exercise e.g. add the red cars and the blue cars in this street. Add the number of post boxes to the number of gates etc.

Across the Curriculum activity ideas


  • At the end of Noah's Ark God sends a rainbow to show his love and that he will never send a flood again. Rainbows have also become a way of showing love during the Corona Virus pandemic. Make your own rainbow drawing or artwork, using whatever resources you like.


  • Make a healthy rainbow fruit kebab snack

  • Have a go at a rainbow science experiment making predictions, finding out results and recording what you learn (photo, drawing, writing etc).

The Walking Water Experiment:,towel%20pulling%20the%20water%20up.


Colour changing carnations:


  • Noah's Ark reminds us how important it is to look after the planet. Talk together about things you can do to protect Earth. You could even write a family promise such as promising to recycle more, walk to places that are close, not waste paper, buy less plastic, not drop litter etc. In class we are going to be making a display of the children's drawings of the amazing things in nature that we need to protect e.g. rivers, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, animals, deserts, caves etc. Draw your own picture and send it to us via Tapestry and we will print it and add it to our corridor display.
  • Below are some Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions, Just Dance videos and work out ideas to keep you fit and healthy

Noah's Ark Songs

A Film Version of Noah's Ark that your child could watch

PE - Warm Up - Bean Game

PE lesson on JUMPING

Here are some of our favourite brain breaks, Just Dance sessions and funny songs we enjoy in class to warm us up or cool us down.

If you have any questions, please ask

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we adjust to the new normal. We look forward to seeing what you get up to this week on Tapestry smiley