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Hi everybody,


We loved seeing everything you got up to last week during a very creative week of learning and we look forward to seeing in which directions you are able to take this week's Book of the Week 'Oliver's Vegetables.'


Below are the activities which MUST be completed with evidence submitted (this can just be a short written comment via email or Tapestry once in the week):


  • Complete the "Taste Testing" writing activity (a model video will be posted below) and the "Shape Patterns" activity for this week from your home learning pack.
  • Engage with the daily Phonics and Maths videos. The other videos are optional.
  • Plan a healthy meal together. You could either write about it, draw it or even make and eat it, taking photographs. 


Please can you also ensure that your child is reading regularly. You can read the books we provided, home reading books, make use of Reading Buddy and access the comics and online texts from the page linked below. 

Week 5 ~ Reception ~ Writing Model


These are the OPTIONAL tasks that you might like to choose to extend, support and embed your child's learning. They are the activities which will be on offer to the children in school during their independent Choosing Time. Some have been designed to be done with an adult, whilst others can be done independently. These activities can count towards to the three hour learning expectation, as can outdoor play, jigsaws, puzzles, craft, drawing, games, singing, cooking and so much more. 



  • Complete the 'What's in the Bag' and/or 'World Map' Literacy activities from your packs
  • Play Phonics games on Phonics Play (username: jan21  password: home) or watch Mr Thorne's Phonics on YouTube
  • Find a healthy recipe and follow it to help you cook a healthy meal together
  • Make a food diary, writing down all the things you eat in a day, or even a week!
  • Complete this week's Reading Challenge:



  • Complete the 3D shape hunt challenge in your Home Learning pack

Watch the 3D shapes clip to reinforce the shape names:

Across the Curriculum:

  • Eat a rainbow: can you find a different healthy food for every colour of the rainbow?
  • Make the weekly shopping list together and discuss which items are healthy and which are a treat - can your child write their own list?
  • Buy some peas in pea pods and have a go at shelling them using your finger muscles - it is tricky work!
  • Try a new vegetable that you have never eaten before
  • Observe the effects of exercise on your body. Feel your heart beat and head before you do a Just Dance video and then feel it again at the end. Discuss what has changed and why exercise is important.
  • Have a go at Mrs Leach's latest Boredom Buster:

Mrs Leach's Boredom Busters ~ Make a Rock Face

  • Have a go at this vegetable-themed experiment. Remember to make predictions and then record your results:

  • Have a go at this week's food-themed yoga:

  • Have a go at a physical challenge: make your own line on the floor (lay down a belt/rope/scarf/chalk)  

1. Put your arms out each side and walk along your line - walk, forwards, backwards, sideways, hop, jump, 

            side-step. How else can you travel?

2. Travel from one end to the other with your hands and feet touching the floor e.g. crawl, spider walk, crab

3. Practise jumping over your line facing forwards and/or sideways, landing on both feet without wobbling

4. Stand at the start of your line and see if you can throw a beanbag/toy so that it touches the end of the line

5. How else can you use your line? 

Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry or via the class email. We LOVE to read our messages each day. Have a great week!