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Home Learning


Below are the activities which MUST be completed with evidence submitted (this can just be a short written comment via email or Tapestry once in the week):


  • Complete the "Musical Emotions" writing activity (a model video will be posted below) and two of the three 3D shape activities for this week from your home learning pack.
  • Engage with the daily Phonics and Maths videos. The other videos are optional.


Please can you also ensure that your child is reading regularly. You can read the books we provided, home reading books, make use of Reading Buddy and access the comics and online texts from the page linked below. 

Week 6 ~ Reception ~ Writing Model



These are the OPTIONAL tasks that you might like to choose to extend, support and embed your child's learning. They are the activities which will be on offer to the children in school during their independent Choosing Time. Some have been designed to be done with an adult, whilst others can be done independently. These activities can count towards to the three hour learning expectation, as can outdoor play, jigsaws, puzzles, craft, drawing, games, singing, cooking and so much more. 



  • Complete the 'Valentine's Day' and/or 'oi/ow' Literacy activities from your packs
  • Play Phonics games on Phonics Play (username: jan21  password: home) or watch Mr Thorne's Phonics on YouTube
  • Create your own Emotions Jar like in the book by writing times you have felt happy, sad, fear, excitement... etc on different coloured pieces of paper and filling a jar with them. Keep the jar to remind you that it is ok to feeling different emotions, and sometimes to feel them all at the same time!
  • Complete this week's Reading Challenge:




  • Complete the remaining 3D shape challenge in your Home Learning pack
  • Have a go at this 3D shape quiz
  • Have a go at Mrs Leach's latest boredom buster:

Mrs Leach's Boredom Busters ~ Number Hunt

Across the Curriculum

  • Write a feelings diary each day
  • Compose a piece of music which reflects one of the feelings in the song. You could play or make an instrument to help you reflect that emotion e.g. playing slowly for sad and quickly for fear
  • Make your own colour monster puppets or masks
  • According to tradition in Guatemala, if you tell a worry doll your worries before you go to sleep and place it under your pillow, the doll with take your worries away while you sleep. Why not make your own from a wooden peg, sticks or lollipop sticks?

  • Try some mindfulness activities together such as mindfulness colouring, guided meditation or controlled breathing. Talk about how it makes you feel and how you could use these strategies when your emotions feel like they are becoming too much.
  • Make your own stress ball:

Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry or via the class email. We LOVE to read our messages each day. Have a great week!