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Home Learning


Below are the activities which MUST be completed with evidence submitted (this can just be a short written comment via email or Tapestry once in the week):


  • Complete this week's three core tasks (from the sheet in your packs): How Do Plants Grow, Trigraph Sorting and Measuring Myself.
  • Set up your growing cress experiment collected with your packs. Wet the cotton wool, sprinkle on the seeds and decide together on a warm and sunny place to put your cress.
  • Choose one of the physical Gross Motor activities on the sheet included in your pack.


Please can you also ensure that your child is reading regularly. You can read the books we provided, home reading books, make use of Reading Buddy and access the comics and online texts from the page linked below. 

Writing Challenge Introduction

Mr Bloom's Nursery - Wake up the seeds




These are the OPTIONAL tasks that you might like to choose to extend, support and embed your child's learning. They are the activities which will be on offer to the children in school during their independent Choosing Time. Some have been designed to be done with an adult, whilst others can be done independently. These activities can count towards to the three hour learning expectation, as can outdoor play, jigsaws, puzzles, craft, drawing, games, singing, cooking and so much more. 



  • Find out about the different parts of a flower together. Have a go at drawing one together and labelling all the parts using your phonics skills e.g. petal, stem, root, leaf etc.
  • Go on a digraph/trigraph hunt in a reading book at home. How many can you find?
  • Have a go at some of the Shake It Up activities we sent out before half term.
  • Complete this week's Reading Challenge:




  • How many different things can you find to measure in your house? Do some cooking together and measure the ingredients. If you are doing DIY, get the tape measure out. Have a go at weighing yourself on some scales. Sort items in your home into things you would measure in different ways. Find some things in your home that you may use to measure and look at them together, spot the numbers and the units they measure in e.g. scales, rulers, jugs, tape measure, measuring tape etc. 
  • Have a go at the Maths home learning sheet about the language of size in your packs.

Across the Curriculum

  • Find out about the parts of a plant and complete this quiz together:
  • Buy some fruit with seeds in. Talk about how fruit has seeds so that plants can reproduce because animals will come and eat the fruit and take the seeds with them, spreading them to new places. Dissect the fruit and pick out the seeds... and then enjoy the yummy fruit!
  • Watch this clip all about the life cycle of plants:

  • Go for a walk and see what plants you can spot. On my walk this weekend I spotted lots of crocus flowers which are a real sign that Spring is on the way. I also saw lots of beautiful snowdrops too which are some of my favourites. What will you find? The sheet below might be useful for identifying flowers:
  • Create your own flower art in whatever way you choose! You could dry and press some real flowers, buy a bunch of flowers and have a go at drawing or painting them, print with a fork and paint to create your own flower, use tissue paper, make a collage... whatever you choose!
  • Have a go at some plant, growing and pollination themed yoga and meditation together:

Enzo The Bee | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Flower Power (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids)

Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry or via the class email. We LOVE to read our messages each day.

Have a great week!