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Learning from Home


Learning from Home


Below are the activities which MUST be completed with evidence submitted (this can just be a short written comment via email or Tapestry once in the week):


  • Complete this week's three core tasks (from the sheet in your packs): Cress Diary, Quiz Time and Comparing Mass
  • Make your own leaf man using resources that you collect from outside. Take a photograph of your leaf man and send it in to us.
  • Choose one of the physical Gross Motor activities on the sheet included in your pack.


Please can you also ensure that your child is reading regularly. You can read the books we provided, home reading books, make use of Reading Buddy and access the comics and online texts from the page linked below. 

Optional Writing Challenge

Go on a hunt and find some natural resources to make your own Leaf Man, Lady, Baby.... whatever you choose! Then write about it. Describe what your Leaf Character looks like e.g. His arms are long and thin. He round body is as a green as grass. He moves slowly in the wind.



Home Learning Videos - remember... Friday is now a little different!




These are the OPTIONAL tasks that you might like to choose to extend, support and embed your child's learning. They are the activities which will be on offer to the children in school during their independent Choosing Time. Some have been designed to be done with an adult, whilst others can be done independently. These activities can count towards to the three hour learning expectation, as can outdoor play, jigsaws, puzzles, craft, drawing, games, singing, cooking and so much more. 



  • Go on a walk and make a list of the signs of Spring you see.
  • We now know all of our Phase 3 sounds. Write each sound on a piece of paper and use them to play games. You could go on a hunt for the sounds around the room, flashcard them, make a pairs game, time how long it takes you to say them all, play charades using the actions, lay them out and ask your child to find a given sound etc. 

  • Have a go at some of the Shake It Up activities we sent out before half term.
  • Complete this week's Home Reading Challenge:



  • Can you be a human balancing scale? Ask your grown-up to pass you an object to hold in each hand. Which is heavier? Which is lighter? How can you show this with your arms? What happens if they weigh the same?
  • Find some different items around your house. Pick up the objects to feel the weight and compare them. Can you order them using the language ‘heavy’, ‘heavier’ and ‘heaviest’? Then weigh them and see if you were correct?
  • Ask your grown-up to give you two mystery bags. One is heavy and one is light. What do you think could be in each bag? Talk about your ideas and draw the object that you think could be in each mystery bag. Are heavy things always big? Are light things always small?
  • Follow a recipe with an adult to make a tasty treat. Can you help to weigh the different ingredients? Talk about how the balance scales change as you add more.
  • Have a go at this 'Heavy and Light' quiz:

Across the Curriculum

  • Go on a nature walk and collect your own natural resources to make your own Leaf Man (or Leaf Lady, baby, dog, cat...whatever you choose!) - there will be a challenge video to go with this learning. 
  • Find out about Seasons below and then use your knowledge to answer the questions on the quiz underneath.

The Great British Year: Four Seasons | BBC Teach

CBeebies House - Dodge the Dog's 'Seasons Song'

  • Make your own leaf kebab by collecting leaves and pushing them onto a stick. This takes real control and concentration not to rip the leaves.
  •  Use the colour chart to discuss all of the different shades of green we might see in the Spring Time. Go on a walk and see what you can find to match each shade. How many different shades of green can you find?
  • Use a wax crayon and have a go at leaf rubbing or bark rubbing. You could even get some paint and create your own leaf prints. 
  • Go outside and stand really still, listening to the world around you. What can you hear? Can you hear the wind that carries the leaf man? Can you hear any birds? Or animals? or cars? Choose how to record your listening time. You could write down what you heard? Draw them? Or make a map with you standing in the middle and the sounds you heard all around you!
  • Below is a video of a very famous piece of music called 'Four Seasons' by Vivaldi. In the music, Vivaldi has created different movements of the piece to sound like different seasons, listen together and discuss what you can see and hear at different points in the music. How has Vivaldi make it sound like Spring? Summer? Autumn? or Winter? Maybe you could compose your own Seasons music!

Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry or via the class email. We LOVE to read our messages each day.

Have a great week!