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We hope you are adapting well to the school of Mum and Dad! It has been lovely to see what you have been up to and to know that the children at home and school have been watching the same learning videos and doing the same activities. It brings us together in a time when we are physically apart. Stay in touch. We love to know how you are doing and that you are safe and well. 


In response to your feedback, I have tried to keep this week's Home Learning Page as simple and clear as possible. Please let me know if I can do anything else to help. Also, please remember that your Home Learning packs have been designed to last you until half term and contains more than you need to complete, just for those families who need lots to keep them busy.


Below are the activities which MUST be completed with evidence submitted (this can just be a short written comment via email or Tapestry once in the week):


  • Complete the "Recipe for a Good Friend" writing activity and the "2D Shape Hunt" Maths activity (which links with Wednesday's Maths video) in your Home Learning packs (see below).
  • Engage with the daily Phonics and Maths videos posted below. You can watch these with your child or they can complete them independently. The other videos (stories, songs and quizzes) are optional.
  • Research an ocean animal that you are interested in (see the writing model video below).

Week 3 ~ Reception ~ Writing Model



These are the OPTIONAL tasks that you might like to choose to extend, support and embed your child's learning. They are the activities which will be on offer to the children in school during their independent Choosing Time. Some have been designed to be done with an adult, whilst others can be done independently. These activities can count towards to the three hour learning expectation, as can outdoor play, jigsaws, puzzles, craft, drawing, games, singing, cooking and so much more. 


Literacy ideas:

  • Write some Phase 3 words on slips of paper and set a timer. Read as many words as you can in that time, record your result and then see if you can beat it throughout the week. Here are some words we can now read using the taught sounds so far: chop, chin, chug, check, such, chip, chill, much, rich, chicken, ship, shop, shed, shell, fish, shock, cash, bash, hush, rush, them, then, that, this, with, moth, thin, thick, path, bath, them, then, that, this, with, moth, thin, thick, path, bath, ring, rang, hang, song, wing, rung, king, long, sing, ping-pong, wait, Gail, hail, pain, aim, sail, main, tail, rain, bait.
  • Complete this week's Reading Challenge:



Maths ideas:

  • Complete the optional 'shape bingo' and 'what is my shape?' games in your work packs.
  • Go for a walk and see what shapes you can spot e.g. triangle road signs, pentagon houses, oval windows.
  • Use potatoes to create your own potato print shapes and print with them to make patterns, a card or even some wrapping paper!


Across the Curriculum Ideas:

  • Explore painting an Under the Sea picture onto foil. Talk about what it feels like to paint onto and what kind of effect it creates.
  • Collect some natural resources and use to create your own fish. You could include a stick outline, leaf scales, stone eyes etc.
  • Have a go at this science experiment to investigate salt water (tip: use a small bowl or it takes A LOT of salt!).


Physical activities:

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Under the Sea!