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Learning in Class


Learning in Class

As part of our learning, we will be:

  • Finding out about bridges from around the world
  • Making our own bridges and investigating how much weight they will hold
  • Exploring different ways to get across the 10m river using logs of different lengths
  • Sequencing images of the story
  • Acting it out with puppets
  • Reading whole paragraphs about goats
  • Making our own river water artwork
  • Writing our own stories 
  • Describing the troll
  • Writing a letter from the guilty troll to the goats


In Phonics, we are having a real focus on handwriting. Many of the children are producing very neat letters, but are not forming them correctly. This is a really important thing to tackle because when children begin joining their letters in the Year One, they need to be beginning and ending each letter in the correct place. We will be focusing on a different family of letters each day and on how to form them. We will then be writing words and sentences using these letters to help us practise and embed them and there will be lots of handwriting opportunities set up within continuous provision. Here are the letter families we use:



In Maths, we will be focusing on understanding the relationship between numbers 0-10. We will be comparing numbers, ordering them and exploring number bonds to 10. Children will be exploring different ways of making ten with two numbers and working on learning these important number facts by heart as they will help with in Maths throughout the rest of their school lives. 



In PSHE, we will be thinking about our bodies and how we keep them safe. We will be talking about how are bodies are the same and different to each other and we will be thinking about things that are safe to go on and in our bodies e.g. soap, clothes, sun cream, toothpaste, food and drink. We will be discussing things that are not safe safe too e.g. bleach, batteries and grown-up medicines, and will be talking about how some things are safe sometimes but only under certain conditions e.g. medicines, cough mixture etc. 


In PE, we will be continuing our Olympics theme and moving on to the skill of throwing at a target. We will be throwing different items in different ways, and using different techniques. We will have opportunities to score points, compete with each other and perfect our techniques by focusing on where we are looking, how we are stood and how we move our arms when throwing. 


In RE, we will be beginning our final big question of the year "which stories are special to people and why?" Children are invited to bring in their own favourite stories to share with their friends before we explore which religious texts are important to people of faith. This week we will focus on the Bible being a special book for Christians and share a Bible story together. 


We look forward to a week of talk and teamwork!