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Learning in Class


Learning in Class

As part of our learning, we will be:

  • Finding out about the continent we live on: Europe
  • Looking at different countries using Google Earth
  • Sharing stories from different European countries
  • Finding out about the cultures and countries of Hungary, Germany and The Netherlands
  • Describing Rumpelstiltskin
  • Writing our own stories set in fairytale forests
  • Writing a diary entry from the perspective of the Salt Princess


In Phonics, we will be focusing on capital letters. We will practising and securing our knowledge of the name of each letter, what capital letters look like, how to write each one and when to use them in our writing (beginning of a sentence, start of a name, in the word I).


In Maths, we will be ordering numbers to 20, estimating how many of an object we can see before counting them, and practising counting in 2s. We will then be using all of this knowledge to help us solve problems and prove our thinking. 


In PSHE, we will be thinking about "being our best." We will be using the book Rosie Revere, Engineer to think about bouncing back if we face difficulties, not giving up and being determined to achieve our goals. We will think about what we might say to our friends, or to ourselves, when we face challenges. 


In PE, we will be continuing our Olympics athletics focus by developing our running skills. We will practise running in different ways e.g. jogging, sprinting, changing direction and finding out when athletes may need to run in different ways e.g. long distance, short distance, hurdles, relays etc. We will practise running in different ways and directions before having our own sprint relay races. 


In RE, we will be finding out about a stories that is very special to Jewish people. We will be sharing the story of the Macabees and linking this back to our knowledge of Hannukah, which we touched upon in our Let's Celebrate topic earlier this year. 


This week's learning really will be a travel adventure!