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Learning in Class


Learning in Class

As part of our learning, we will be:

  • Investigating the best materials to build a house from, to withstand wind and rain
  • Finding out about blueprints and planning our own houses
  • Exploring alternatives to the story e.g. Three Bad Pigs and The Three Ninja Pigs
  • Playing in our own builders' merchants
  • Enjoying messy play in a muddy farm tray
  • Acting out the story with masks on the stage
  • Creating farmyard art
  • Investigating the strength of the wind


In Phonics, we will be constructing full sentences to describe the wolf. We will be focusing on using adjectives and similes to really help our reader imagine the wolf in their minds. 


In Maths, we will be focusing on money. We will be looking at how much different coins are worth, sorting and ordering them, counting out amounts of money, working out if we have enough to pay for different items, working out which coins we can use to pay for an item and setting up our own class shop.


In PSHE, we will be thinking about healthy eating. We will be using the EatWell guide to find out about different food groups, sorting foods and planning our own healthy meals.



In PE, we will be carrying on our athletics focus by learning how to jump. We will find out how to use our arms and knees to help propel ourselves forwards and we will be jumping in different ways, different distances and over different obstacles... just like Greg Rutherford!


In RE, we will be finishing our learning about stories that are special to people of faith. This week we will be finding out about some important Muslim stories. We will be finding out why Muslim people do not draw God or Muhammed and will be finding out how else they celebrate and mark these special stories.


I am sure that this week, the children will BLOW US AWAY with their learning!