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This week, our learning will focus on the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Here is a version of the story that you can share together at home:

As part of this learning, we will be:

  • Finding out what fairy tales are and completing a fairy tale character quiz
  • Creating our own fairy tale illustrations
  • Measuring and comparing the footprints of different characters from the story (giant, Jack, cow, goose)
  • Writing our own beanstalk adventures
  • Making pipe cleaner beanstalks
  • Revising how plants grow
  • Writing descriptions of the giant containing similes
  • Writing a letter from Jack to the giant's wife
  • Making transient arts from dried beans


We will also be exploring our new role play area... The Writer's Shed. The children decided that they would like a writing workshop as their role play this half term, as they are now so keen to write. We looked at a range of real authors' workshops and sheds and collected ideas of what we could include in the space. It is now finished and ready to be explored! We cannot wait to see what the children do in this space and to read the writing they produce!



In Phonics, we will working on applying our Phase 4 knowledge when writing full sentences. We will be revising what a sentence is, what they must include and how to finish one sentence and start a new one. This will help us to read and write whole paragraphs. We will be writing descriptions of the giant using our understanding of when to start and finish new sentences. 


In Maths, we will be focusing on the skill of sharing equally and on solving problems which include this skill. We will be sharing food, teddies, bean bags, coins and so much more. We will be ensuring that each share is equal "the same" and developing different ways of sharing e.g. using number bond knowledge, one for you, one for me, measuring etc. There will be lots of solving problems and lots of "proving your answers."


In PSHE, we will be thinking about how to manage our emotions and support our friends. We know some of the children are already starting to feel nervous about the end of Reception and the new adventures ahead. We will be receiving a letter from a boy who is feeling sad, and writing our own replies to help him manage those feelings and giving him advice on what he can do.


In PE, we will be starting a new mini-topic. We will be using the upcoming Olympic Games to help us explore the skills involved in athletic events. This week we will be thinking about rolling an object to a target, which builds to throwing next week. Discuss, javelin and shotput athletes all need the skill of throwing. 


In RE, we will be completing our learning about "which places are special to people and why?" by sharing our special place designs and compiling a list of what each place has in common and how they differ. We will then be linking this back to all of the learning we have been doing about different places of worship.


We cannot wait to get started with our new topic by climbing the beanstalk. The sky really is the limit!