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Children in school will be completing the same activities as have been set for the children at home. They will all be completing the activities listed in red on the 'Learning at Home' page and will be able to choose from the other activities on the page in their Choosing Time in the classroom. Please see the 'Learning at Home' page linked below for details on these activities.

If your child is in school every day, we would recommend that you continue to read with them every day at home and complete the weekly Phonics Home Learning sheet as normal IF THIS IS ACHIEVEABLE ALONGSIDE BEING A KEY WORKER IN A DIFFICULT TIME.


If your child is learning from home some days and in school others, we would recommend that you focus on the following activities, completing a sensible amount for the amount of days they are at home:


- Complete the Weekly Phonics Home Learning Sheet as you have since September (below)

- Complete the Reading Weekly Challenge (below)

- Watch the Home Learning videos for the specific days your child is at home (these are on the Learning at Home page)

- Complete the Noah's Ark animal list writing sheet


You may then like to pick some of the enhancement activities, depending on how many days your child is at home. Due to the nature of Choosing Time (where activities are set up for the week for children to choose from as they wish) it is not possible for us to say which enhancements to do on which day. It will be a case of talking to your child and making those decisions together or taking the learning in a different way. 



A reminder that Forest School and PE routines have changed during lockdown:

  • Children now have Forest School on a Monday AND a Friday. On a Monday they should come in uniform and bring their Forest School kit in a bag as usual. On a Friday they can come in their Forest School clothes (as we are going in the morning). We will then support them to take off their waterproofs and wellies when they come back and they can spend the afternoon in their own clothes and indoor shoes. Please ensure they have spare clothes on their peg every day so that they can change into these if they get wet at Forest School.
  • They now have PE on a Tuesday and can come to school in PE clothes. These must be appropriate for the outdoors (joggers, PE top, jumper/hoodie, coat and outdoor trainers). They can stay in these clothes all day. Again, please ensure they have spare clothes on their peg every day so that they can get changed if they get wet.
Phonics Home Learning Sheet

If you have any questions, please ask

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we adjust to the new normal smiley