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Rhyme of the Week: Watch Out for the Crocodile


Video: Learn the rhyme with Miss Bagnall



Here are the lyrics:

Watch out for the crocodile,

Especially if he starts to smile,

You might think he's really sweet,

But he really wants to eat... YOU!


Snap, snap, crunch, crunch, crunch,

Yummy yum, he's had his lunch.


If he's sleeping peacefully, 

Be as quiet as you can be,

If you wake him with a... FRIGHT!

He will surely want to bite... YOU!


Snap, snap, crunch, crunch, crunch,

Yummy yum, he's had his lunch. 


As you listen to the rhyme see if you can identify and talk about the rhyming words and join in with the actions. Crocodile is a long word, it has 3 syllables. Can you clap them “croc-o-dile!”

Crocodiles are jungle animals and they like to lurk in the water of jungle rivers, with just their eyes above the surface.


Here is a video about jungle animals which includes crocodiles. Look how strong and powerful they are!

This video shows you how baby Caiman crocodiles are looked after by grown up caimans:

I think you might like the story “The Selfish Crocodile” – you can watch it below:




On a piece of A4 paper, draw a zigzag to be the back of a crocodile. Can your children trace over the zigzag with their finger and then with a pen/pencil? Find some small things that they can use to lie on top of the zigzag using their fine motor skills to position each item. You could use buttons, pasta, Cheerios, fish gravel, sequins or anything small you can find. This challenge requires patience, concentration and fine motor skills which will all help your child as they learn to write.