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Rhyme of the Week: Hey Diddle, Diddle

Learn the rhyme together and practise some of the main signs from Mr Tumble’s performance. This rhyme doesn’t make much sense does it? That is because it is a nonsense rhyme. Talk about the word ‘nonsense’ with your child and how it means something is a bit silly and doesn’t need to make sense. It makes the rhyme good fun!



Can you find the words that rhyme (diddle/fiddle, moon/spoon). Can you think of any other words that rhyme with these? E.g. middle, balloon, soon. You could even think of some new rhyming pairs and use them to make up your own nonsense rhyme. Here is mine:


Hey diddle doo, the frog hopped in the shoe,

As the donkey jumped over the Sun,

The sheep laughed and smiled as the donkey flew miles,

And the cherry ran away with the bun!


Which dog from the story was your favourite? Draw it! Think about the size, shape and colour of your dog. The grown-ups would love to see your drawings on Tapestry.