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I hope you enjoyed last week's activities for Easter!


You can still work on the mark making and the writing your name activities from previous weeks. If you need a reminder, just pop back to the first week's Literacy link.


There are also lots of useful links at the bottom of that week's Literacy page.

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Here is this week's nursery rhyme. Have a go at singing along and even doing the actions if you can and upload a video to Tapestry for us to see!

Connect the Letters


To encourage your child to recognise the letters of their name, you could play several different games. They could join the letters which are the same and match them up or they could progress on to making their name like you can see in the picture. 


Please remember that when looking at your child's name with them, it needs to start with an upper case (capital) letter and the rest of the letters should be lower case.

Alphabet Knockdown


This game will help your child to recognise the letter names. Go through the alphabet song (see the video below for help) and practice the names of the letters rather than the sounds. 


Tip: in Nursery when we sing the alphabet song, we clap, stamp or simply shout out L, M, N, O, P to encourage them to pronounce each letter separately as they can often merge these letters together!


Draw the letters of the alphabet on paper cups, plastic cups or even cones of paper and shout out the letter for your child to throw a ball or screwed up piece of paper at. See if they can knock the cup down on the right letter. This game can be adapted in any way as long as they are recognising the names of the letters.



ABC Song

Here is the alphabet song. Just remember to slow down L, M, N, O, P for your child when you sing it.