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Our 'Nursery Rhyme of the Week' is... Humpty Dumpty!


Can you learn it and sing it together? You could make up your own actions or clap along in time. You might also like to draw your own “Humpty Dumpty” picture, like in the video or even use blocks/Lego/Duplo to build your own wall to balance a boiled egg on.




“The Tiger Who Came to Tea” is a clever title because it contains an alliteration. This is when words start with the same sound “t-t-t-tiger” and t-t-t-tea.” Go around your house and see what else you can find that starts with a ‘t’ sound e.g. toaster, teddy, table. Take a photo of what you find and post them on Tapestry. I went on a ‘s’ hunt and this is what I found. I wonder what you will find on your ‘t’ hunt?