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This week's 'Rhyme of the Week' is 'London Bridge is Falling Down.'

Here is a BBC version of the song:

Sing the song with your child and talk about where London is and that it is the capital city of England. You could look at some important London Landmarks on the internet and even explore them using Google Earth (London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London etc). Do you think the ideas for fixing the bridge in the song are good ideas? What would you use?


Here are the coordinates for London Bridge on Google Earth: 



Here is a photo of London Bridge. People often mistake it for Tower Bridge. You could look at the differences:



                              London Bridge                                                          Tower Bridge


Use what you have learnt about 3D shapes this week (Maths Activities) to build your own bridge and sing the song. You could use Lego, Duplo, junk modelling materials (things from your recycling bin), things you find in the garden – anything! Can one of your toys walk across your bridge without it falling down?


Messy play: You can use shaving foam as cement with your building blocks at home to make your own bridge – hours of fun!




Name Writing - Caterpillar Names


Caterpillar names: Count how many letters there are in your name and add one more. Work with a grown up to cut out that many circles. Draw a face on the first circle and then write the letter of your name on the other circles. REMEMBER: the first letter of your name should be a capital letter and the others should all be lower case. Mix up the letters on the table and see if you can put them back in the right order to make your caterpillar. Try mixing it up again and again until you get really fast at putting it back together. When you are super fast, you can stick your name caterpillar on a piece of paper and then try copying your name yourself underneath.