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Our 'Rhyme of the Week' this week is: If You're Happy and You Know It


Listen to it below, join in and then sing it together, adding your own actions. Talk about things that make you feel happy and how you can make others happy, particularly during this time when some people feel sad.

Here is a fun superhero version of the song (from the Twinkl website) which you could sing together:



Literacy Challenges


  • Create a superhero den in your home (you could use sheets, chairs, sofa cushions, a clothes horse etc). Use this as your secret lair and put some books inside. Cosy up and read them together.



  • Rainbow superhero words: In Superhero books and comics you see lots of action words like POW! BAM! SPLAT! This is a time when it is ok to use all capital letters because it makes you SHOUT the words. The exclamation mark tells you the writing is exciting and that you need to exaggerate the words when you say them... “POW!” Your grown-up can write the words on a piece of paper for you in bubbles and you can sound them out together – b-a-m BAM! p-ow – POW! Then trace over each word lots of times, using different coloured crayons to make your rainbow superhero words. You could put them up somewhere in your house and take a photograph of you in front of them doing your best superhero pose! 

       (Example words: BAM! POW! ZAP! BASH! BOOM! BANG!)