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Rhyme of the Week:  I’m A Little Teapot

Listen to the rhyme and discuss some of the language children may not be familiar with e.g. stout and spout. If you have a teapot at home, look at it together and show your child how it works, talking about the dangers and how to stay safe. Sing the rhyme together and practise the actions.


As it is so hot at the moment, this rhyme is a great stimulus for water play in a water tray, paddling pool or even just a washing up bowl of water outside. You can use anything to be the tea pot and cups (buckets, jugs, tubes, plastic cups) – use your imagination! Practise pouring, mixing and counting to ten as you wait for the ‘water to boil.’ You can add tea bags to cold water to make your water play smell like real tea or you can make ‘nature tea’ by mixing in petals, flowers, sticks and even mud into your water. Making tea also lends itself to the language of sharing (if your child pours a cup of tea for all the people in the house) as well as the use of please and thank you.  




Be aware that being in a paddling pool or playing in water can wash off your child’s sun cream and lead to sunburn. Make sure that they are wearing a hat and that you regularly reapply high factor sun cream.


Challenge: Can you sing the entire rhyme in the time it takes for your real kettle to boil in your kitchen?



Video challenge: Park mark-making.

The video supports children to explore drawing/writing some patterns and shapes based on things you might see at the park. Being able to follow and form such shapes and patterns and to take their pen off the paper and back on for different shapes is a tricky but important skill and will help children develop the strength in their hands which will support them in many different ways, including when they come to write. Thick felt tip pens are the easiest to mark-make with if your child needs support. Thinner pencils are more challenging.