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Rhyme of the Week: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Sing the song together, adding your own animals. Try making your own version of the song such as ‘Old MacDonald had a jungle/desert/forest,’ choosing appropriate animals and sounds for each place.


Some ideas to explore the rhyme:

  • Take turns to choose the next animal for each verse and decide on the sound together
  • Messy Play – Weetabix (hay), angel delight (mud), water (pond) etc and plastic animals, talking about textures, singing the song and discussing where the different animals on the farm will live and what they need
  • Make some animal masks and role play as that animal.




Animal track mark-making



Look at these different animal tracks above and talk about which animal made them. Have a go at copying/tracing some of the tracks and colouring them in. You could also use other resources to make your own tracks such as cotton buds dipped in paint, straws, a fork, potato-printing or painting the feet of plastic animals and walking them across some paper.