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Rhyme of the Week: Ten Green Bottles

Sing the song together and focus on taking away one bottle each time. You could draw a number line to help you or put up your ten fingers to be the ten bottles. Talk about how there is “one fewer” bottle each time. You could use real green bottles or see-through bottles of water with a few drops of green food colouring in. Line the bottles up and sing the song together. You could write a number on each bottle. After singing the song you could turn your bottles into skittles and say the numbers of every bottle you knock down. Alternatively, you could draw your own bottles on paper or with chalk outside and move one each time (for paper bottles) or stand on each bottle to “smash it” (for chalk on the floor).



See the Maths and Fine Motor skills sections for some capacity activities that might link nicely with 10 Green Bottles



Pick either your favourite character or one of the items that makes a noise in the story of 'Peace at Last' and draw it. Make sure your pencil is sharp and that you are using your froggy grip and take...your...time. Try and include lots of detail. You could even colour your picture in and send me a photograph of it on Tapestry. It doesn't have to look perfect. It is all about practising controlling your pencil, making decisions about what to include and talking about your work. 


If I was drawing Daddy Bear I would make sure I included his big paws, his tired eyes and his stripy pyjamas.




What are you reading and enjoying? Let me know!


One of the children in Nursery amazed me so much with their reading and storytelling last week that they got a special mention in 'Story Time with Mr T!' I love hearing about the books you have been reading at home and enjoying. If you have any recommendations of books that you have discovered then let me know and I will pass them on to Mr T for next week. You can email the class email with your recommendations, post them on Tapestry as a comment or even record your child talking about the book and why they like it (on Tapestry). 


Here is Mr T's video so you can see who it was that gave him a run for his money as a storytelling this week!