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We do lots of drawing, writing and colouring in Nursery.

Please continue this at home. Any time your child wants to pick up a crayon, pencil or paintbrush, encourage them to make any marks they want to. You can ask them what they have done and try to encourage a three finger 'pinchy grip' on the item. 

Any mark making is good for their development whether they are copying letters or painting the fence outside with water!

Writing Their Name

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Here is the method we use in Nursery to encourage the children to recognise and write their own name. We use a highlighter pen to write their name and then use a darker pen to show them where to start. They can then go over the top of it. You can use anything you want to to encourage them to write. This is just one method we use.

Rhyme of the week - Aunt Polly Had a Dolly

Here is a nursery rhyme you can sing with your child. In Nursery, we usually focus on the same one all week and learn the actions to it. By the end of the week, they usually know it very well so we record them singing and show it back to them. You could upload a video to Tapestry when you know it!


The best thing to do to help your child with their reading development is to continue to read to them whenever you can. Share books you love and let them listen to you tell the story. Even if you aren't a confident reader, you can retell stories from your own life or make up a silly tale. If you can remember the basic story line to Red Riding Hood or Cinderella, then you can tell them a story. You could even tell them the plot to a children's film like Trolls!

Getting them familiar with the structure of sentences and stories will help them when they come to read books of their own and also when they start writing.


We have been looking at books without words and encouraging the children to describe what they can see, make up a story and even just give their opinion on what is happening. 


There are many online resources to help you if you haven't got access to books. some of them are linked below.