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Lockdown Home Reading Books

To support your reading at home, we have included two reading books and two library books in the packs of children who are not attending school at all this half term. You also have access to Reading Buddy online and I would recommend 'Decodable Phonics' (linked below) which is full of comics you can read together. On top of this, I found some great simple reading books that you can also access below. The website they were from had them formatted as if you were going to print them and make them into a booklet but it is obviously not feasible to print all of these at home so I have screenshotted each page, put them in the correct order and saved them as a PDF so that they can be read on a laptop, phone or tablet. This does affect the quality a little but I hope they are still of use to support your reading at home. They increase in difficulty and challenge so you can start from the point where your child is currently with their reading. Happy Reading!

You can also access the Phonics Play website for free during this period which is full of Phonic games, using the following login details:

username: jan21

password: home