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Today we are going to look at recording information using a tally chart. 

A tally chart is a way of organising data (information) so that we can quickly see the amount of each object we have and use this information to answer questions. 

Draw a tally chart like the one below on paper or in your book so that you can record your data and then put a handful or two of coloured bricks (Lego) into a bowl. Don't worry if you don't have Lego, I have made a video to show you how to record tallies and I have used buttons. You could use coloured pencils, hair bobbles or any other objects that you have in a selection of colours. You can also change the colours on your chart to match the colours of the objects that you are sorting. Watch the video to see how to record tallies and then make your own tally chart.  

You can find the video in the Video Resource Centre or you can follow this link.

I have also assigned a tally activity on Mathletics.