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For our lesson today we are going to look at how data can be recorded and represented: we are learning about Statistics.


Statistics are a collection of data or information which are displayed and analysed. 


We have looked at graphs during our time in Year 4, but we may not be as familiar with them as other areas of our work. I would like you to watch the following videos before completing the Busy Ant Activities, as these may help with what you will be doing. 

Hope those helped. Below are the activities for today. 


When you are ready, work your way through the Busy Ant Activity. As you know Busy Ant Activities have three challenges, so start at the Challenge 1 and see how you get on. Don't be put off if the work gets tricky, just try your hardest to 'use what you know, to work out what you don't'.


In Challenge 1 you will meet the term 'frequency' and 'discrete data'. These may not be familiar to everyone and that is OK, because I am going to explain what they mean.


frequency = how often something occurs.


For example:


Hope this picture helps, as you can see the 'frequency' is the amount of tallies.

tallies IIII = frequency 4

tallies III = frequency 3


discrete data = separate items that can be counted individually

For example the chart above shows us that 5 people attend Judo


Let me know if you get stuck and I can help. smiley

Busy Ant Maths: Sports Bar Charts.

Remember you will find activities that link on Mathletics to this. Have fun!