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Statistics are a collection of data or information which are displayed and analysed. 


Today we are continuing to look at how data is interpreted and represented. I have uploaded the video links from before half term for you to watch again if you would like a recap, they are towards the bottom of the page.


When you are ready, work your way through the Busy Ant Activity. As you already know, Busy Ant Activities have three challenges, so start at Challenge 1 and see how you get on. Don't be put off if the work gets tricky, just try your hardest to 'use what you know, to work out what you don't'.


Ignore Challenge 3 for now. As I told you in the video you will be completing some sporting activities throughout the week for our 'sports day' and we will use data collected from this afternoons activity to draw a bar chart.

Busy Ant Maths: Football pictograms and bar charts.

Video clips that may help you with the activities:
There are activities that link to this on Mathletics.