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You have worked so hard on the Statistics block, I am so proud of you all! I didn't want to start a new topic today, we will do that on Monday, so I have found a selection of maths investigations for you to have a go at.


I have uploaded the activity and the guidance sheet that goes along with it, this will help you and your grown-up to know what to do. If you have any problems then message me. smiley


There are five for you to choose from, you can do more than one if you would like, but my expectation is that you will complete at least one.    

Decimal Detectives - finding numbers with two decimal places.

Total £10 - finding possible pairs to make 10

Rocking Remainders - dividing numbers and looking for patterns in remainders.

Foodie Fractions - calculating fractions at a picnic.

I look forward to seeing your work later. smiley